The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program ensures that you’ll never be stranded at work or school. If you carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, bicycle or walk to work or school at least two (2) days a week, you may be eligible for a FREE (or low cost) taxi ride home. The ERH Program will pay for your ride home in the following cases:

  • Personal or family emergency (sick child, spouse, etc)
  • Unscheduled overtime (not pre-scheduled)
  • Sickness (not pre-scheduled medical appointments)
  • Carpool/Vanpool partners have an emergency

Once registered, you’ll receive information on how to use the program, along with your first ERH voucher. All you need for your emergency trip home is the completed voucher and a picture I.D. That’s all you have to do. And you can use the ERH Program up to four (4) times a year!

ERH Rules:

  1. You may use the ERH program up to four (4) times per enrollment year. Unused trips do not carry over to the next enrollment period.
  2. Up to $100 of the trip fare is paid. If the fare exceeds $100, you will be billed for the excess; gratuities cannot be part of the fare (tips are the responsibility of the rider).
  3. ERH provides a taxi ride only from work or school to home. It cannot be used to get to work or school, or from work/school to any other destination.
  4. Misuse and/or abuse will result in automatic termination. You will be billed for any unauthorized trips.
  5. Once an ERH trip has been used and is reviewed, a replacement voucher will be sent to you, unless you have used all of your ERH trips.
  6. Participating ERH users must re-enroll annually

How to use ERH:

  1. You must have an official picture ID AND a TBARTA voucher for each ERH trip (no copies are allowed and vouchers are nontransferable).
  2. Complete the top of your voucher and have your supervisor sign it.
  3. Call a participating taxi company; inform the dispatcher this is an ERH trip.
  4. Give the driver your voucher and show your picture ID when you get in the taxi.
  5. At the end of the trip the driver will complete the voucher. The driver will give you back the pink copy and retain the other two (2) copies. Keep the pink copy for your records.
  6. Tips cannot be included in the fare. Should you wish to tip your driver, you must do so with your own funds.

Register for ERH here.