Free Services

The New North Transportation Alliance offers the following FREE services to employers in our service area:     

  • Transportation Management Plan Consulting
    Assistance with development of a transportation management plan to address your transportation needs – parking management, employee transportation, access management, etc.   
  •  Individualized Commuter Assistance
    We can assist your employees in finding the best transportation option for their individual situation.  Regional rideshare matching, Emergency Ride Home Program, Vanpooling, and Transit services. 
  • Transportation Forums
    We offer businesses and community members the opportunity to participate in regular transportation forums about transportation projects, issues, and solutions that will likely impact businesses and communities in the NNTA service area.   Often, these forums also serve as an opportunity for participants to provide input on local transportation planning projects.  
  •  Opportunities for Recognition 
    Various regional and national programs provide employers with the opportunity to achieve recognition – for being a good steward to the environment by implementing a Commuter Choice program that offers employees real commute options (Best Workplaces for Commuters SM) and for establishing a telework program that can benefit employees as well as their employers (Telework Tampa Bay).  





2 thoughts on “Free Services

  1. I was wondering what the difference between Sunshine transport and Hart Transport for disabled/lowincome/medicaid/medicare patients? Is there a different application; how does one apply for Sunshine transport??If there is a different application then HART Transport can you send me an attachement with Sunshine application.
    Thank you so much,

  2. Hi Michelle: The Sunshine Line of Hillsborough County provides door to door transportation and bus passes for elderly, low-income, and disabled persons who do not have or cannot afford their own transportation. There are fees for some trips based upon client eligibility and funding source rules. Clients may call to be screened for eligibility and to make an appointment for transportation.
    For more information, you can go to the Sunshine Line web site at
    HARTPlus Paratransit is for persons with disabilities and provides door to door service or drops the patron off at an accessible HART bus stop. There is an application process. For more information, please go to the HART webpage
    I hope that this is helpful.

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