There are an estimated 74,000 employed in the NNTA service area (generally defined as bordered by I-275 on the west, Busch Blvd. on the south, I-75/Morris Bridge Road on the east and Hillsborough County line on the north) with 60,500 employed in the area but living outside and 13,500 employed and living in the area. There are 63,000 living in the area with 49,600 of those employed outside the NNTA service area. In addition, USF Tampa campus alone has another 41,000 students as well as many visitors. USF generates 54% of Fowler Avenue daily traffic. USF traffic ranges from 38-47 percent of Fowler Avenue traffic during the peak hour.

The NNTA service area contains an estimated 10,675 low-income residents who earn less than $15,000 per year who are employed outside the NNTA area with 9,942 more who live outside the NNTA area but commute to it. About 2,306 low-income workers live and work in the area.

The NNTA service area includes many large employers including four hospitals, a university, a retail mall, many large and small employers, office parks, theme parks, industrial sites, and residential neighborhoods (including the University Area, Temple Terrace, and New Tampa).

Profile of New North Transportation Alliance Service Area

Source: OnTheMap. 2015 data

Heat map generated on the USF Tampa Campus from Share-A-Bull user data