Do you ride HART buses?  If so, we would like to tell you about an exciting pilot program and research study launching OneBusAway.    OneBusAway uses GPS technology to track the location of HART buses in real-time, so you know if your bus will arrive on-time or late.  OneBusAway can be used through the internet on computers or phones with the web, and it is also an “app” for smartphones (iPhone and Android).   It was developed by researchers at the University of South Florida in coordination with researchers at Georgia Tech.

A group of bus riders will get to try out OneBusAway through this pilot program and study.   Bus riders who would like to participate in this program will be asked to fill out a short (10-minute) online survey.  As compensation for completing this online survey, you will get a FREE ONE-DAY BUS PASS.

This study is now full. Thank you for your interest.

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