HART Expands Bikes on Buses


Bikes on buses just got a whole new meaning! Customers may now bring their folded bicycles on HART buses and vans.

Folded bikes on buses must:

  • Have 20-inch wheels or smaller; larger bicycles should be loaded on the bike rack.
  • Be folded and bagged before boarding the bus.
  • Be folded underneath the seat or in front of the customer so it does not take up extra seats or block the aisle.

Users of bicycles with larger wheels should continue using the bicycle rack. Each HART bus and van accommodates two bicycles. Only single-seat, two-wheel bicycles are permitted on buses; no tandems or three wheelers. Motor-powered vehicles are not permitted on the bus or on bicycle racks. If the rack is full, patrons should be prepared to choose a location to lock up their bicycle, or wait for the next bus serving that route.

Word to the wise! Bicyclists should attach an identification number to their bicycles — whether it’s the manufacturer’s serial number, a license plate or a sturdy decal — and keep a copy of this number with them. This will greatly facilitate the process of claiming lost bicycles. In addition, the Tampa Police Department encourages bicyclists to register their bicycles with its Bicycle Registration Theft Protection Program to assist in recovering stolen bikes.

Thinking about expanding your bicycle travel by getting on board with HART? Visit www.goHART.org or call 813-254-4278 (HART) for help with planning your trip

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